Watford F.C. players will wear Dogecoin shirts in the upcoming Premier League season after a sponsorship deal with Stake.com was agreed. The Watford players’ shirts will be sponsored by Stake, which is a cryptocurrency sports betting platform. It had been previously sponsored by Sportsbet, who put Bitcoin on the team’s shirts. Stake.com  paid for the debut of the meme coin. According to The Athletic, the purchase is valued at at least £700,000 ($970,500).

Watford fans promoting EOS on a forum thread three years ago was the only evidence. At the time, a Watford F.C. spokesperson told Decrypt that the forum has a “lengthy and ongoing cryptocurrency discussion” in its history.

Stake.com wants to give away 10 million DOGE (dogecoin) or worth $2 million to generate excitement about the cooperation between Google and Facebook. On Reddit, Dogecoin supporters came together to raise money for NASCAR driver Josh Wise and Jamaica’s Winter Olympics bobsled team. Since 2014, the coin’s ardent supporters have sponsored athletes and sporting events several times. Dogecoin has never been seen in high-profile sporting events in the United Kingdom. In sporting arenas, the SHIB (Shiba Inu) is a common sight.

Sporting Kansas City wore Bitcoin shirts during the 2019-2020 season in a bid to promote the cryptocurrency. That was part of a contract with Sportsbet.io, another sports betting website.

For the past three years, Watford F.C. fans have been discussing Dogecoin on the club’s forum. Following the announcement of the cooperation with Stake.com, several hypothesized that the payment could have been made in DOGE (dogecoin). At the time, a Watford spokeswoman told Decrypt that the forum had a “lengthy and ongoing cryptocurrency discussion.”

A fan has criticized the club’s decision to take cryptocurrency sponsorship payments immediately after reporting a $35 million loss. “It is a gamble for a club with relatively shaky finances,” one fan said. DOGE (dogecoin) is a virtual currency that can only be traded on the internet.