Vine co-creator has a new video game project called Supdrive. Each NFT will be a playable, original video game, with multiple editions having varied looks and gameplay. Dom Hofmann is the co-founder of the defunct video sharing software Vine. Supdrive will release a new version of its video game NFTs, with each one differing from the others in terms of appearance and gameplay.

Interactive in-game items have already been offered as NFTs, such as the cartoonish monsters from Axie Infinity and the LAND plots in The Sandbox. But NFTs that are actual video games that can be played? That’s brand-new territory.

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann is spearheading Supdrive, a newly unveiled NFT initiative. The “on-chain fantasy console” will be a “virtual console” with games based on NFTs. You can use the “Supdrive Virtual Firmware” software to play the game NFT if you own it.

An “NFT” mechanism is being introduced by a new video game streaming platform. Whether it’s a digital painting, video clip, or in-game object, the NFT functions as a receipt or deed of ownership. Supdrive will be supported at first by Hofmann’s own unique games, the first of which is called “Origin.” He intends to open up the platform to collaborators in the future so that more content may be created.

Tokens of digital currencies Hofmann describes NFTs as “amazing building blocks for online communities.” “Most NFTs automatically fall into some form of grouping, whether it’s a collectible project or an artist’s body of work,” Hofmann says. “We’re starting to see exciting things coming out of these networks because they have great alignment and common purpose,” he adds.

The NFT edition of a Supdrive game will have different difficulty settings, color palettes, and gameplay variants depending on which version you buy. Each NFT version will be distinct from the others, with different difficulty levels, colors, and other features. Future firmware improvements, according to Hofmann, would provide better graphics and gameplay dynamics.

“It started out as a ‘why not?’ question, but there are new mechanics to investigate,” Hofmann added. “It’s intriguing to think that having an edition of one game could influence the outcome of another,” he added. Hofmann “It’s also, I believe, an experiment in-game monetization outside of the paradigms we’re used to seeing today.”

Supdrive, an NFT project, is currently active on the Bitcoin mainnet. According to the project’s co-creator, it may be interoperable with other platforms such as Tezos and NFTs. “Outside of Ethereum, there are clearly extremely huge creative groups developing on chains.”

Members of the Supdrive Discord group can join a color-coded team (red, green, or blue) and earn a team-specific collectible in the future. The collectible will influence how various games are played. Supdrive will be released in October.