Make way for the newest NFT craze in town! Unbanked will be launching its own NFT digital artworks built on the Ethereum network, the “Bankers NFT”, a collection of 10,000 unique digital artworks.

Unbanked has tapped the services of none other than Antione Mingo, the artist behind the successful and cute “Pudgy Penguins NFTs” which has now reached a total market cap of more than $54 million. The NFT digital artworks were launched in July and the total collection of 8,888 penguins was sold in just less than 20minutes and generated over 30,753 ETH (Ethereum)! His creations are now sold to as much as 130 ETH or $612,300 with ETH (ethereum) price at $4,710 in data by

In a short interview with Ian Kane, the co-founder, and co-CEO of Unbanked, Mingo revealed that he is both a traditional and a digital artist. In 2015, he started his career as a digital artist through Upwork. After doing various works as a digital artist, he landed a job as a creator for the “Pudgy Penguins which eventually became a success. And with Unbanked and Mingo joining forces for the Bankers NFT, another success is in the making.

With the recent NFT craze and the soaring prices of these digital artworks, owning one is a profitable investment. But with  Banker NFT, there is more to just becoming an owner of these collectibles as it comes with some benefits. A recent blog published by Unbanked has stated the benefits of being a Banker NFT owner. What are these?

  • You will have free lending/borrowing access on the UNBNK protocol for life.
  • Shared IP Rights –  In this case, Ternio LLC ( reserves the rights to all Bankers to ensure freedom to create value and grow the ecosystem in the future which includes collaborating with other brands, partnerships, licensing, etc.  In the event that individual purchases a Banker, the IP, the rights, and licensing of the intellectual property will be turned over to the new Banker owner. This will enable the asset holder to monetize its ownership of the Banker in any manner until it’s transferred or sold to another party.)

From the 10,000 Banker NFTs, 1% or 100 will be distributed to Unbanked team members. Hooray to all Unbanked employees out there! Congratulate yourself for owning a rare Banker NFT collectible. 5% or 500 will be given to selected TERN/UNBNK holders in the form of an airdrop. How? Here are the simple mechanics to join this exciting giveaway.

  1. Create an account
  2. IMPORTANT: Set up your Crypto profile with your ETH wallet address
  3. Wallets should have at least $100 in the dashboard to qualify. Snapshots will be conducted in the coming weeks so just keep it there.
  4. You will receive a Banker at the ETH address indicated in your Crypto profile. Winners with no Crypto profile will automatically be disqualified and NFT winnings will be forfeited in favor of the next winner.
  5. Unbanked will send you an email once the drop is open with a URL to mint.

94% or 9,400 will be finally allocated for the public sale dutch auction. If you were not selected as one of the winners for the airdrop, here is your chance to own one or more of these rare collectibles. Do you want to be notified in advance so you won’t miss the Banker NFT drop? Here’s the catch. You should have a crypto balance of a  little more than $250 in your account and you will receive an email 30 minutes ahead of the drop. Snapshots will be conducted a few days before the drop. You will receive an email bearing the URL where you will be able to MINT your Banker NFT.

The target for the final launching of the Banker NFT will be mid-December. Follow Unbanked official social media accounts on and and watch out for their new updates.

NFT digital artworks are now one of the fastest-rising trends in the crypto market which has recorded an all-time high at $2.7B sales. And the figure will continue to surge as the demand for digital arts continues. But an NFT digital artwork can only become sustainable if it comes with a use case and that’s what makes Banker NFT stand out among other NFT digital artworks. A use case within the Unbanked ecosystem is what makes the difference.