The long wait is over. Finally, OKEx reopens all its withdrawals today. As per the announcement in their Twitter account, withdrawals will resume today at 8:00 (UTC). In their previous update, OKEx informed its customers that the resumption of withdrawals could be earlier than the prior announced date which is Nov. 27. And it’s finally happening. In line with the reopening of withdrawals, OKEx offered its users’ compensation and generous loyalty rewards. 

OKEx latest update on reopening withdrawals

It was speculated that a massive exodus will happen once OKEx resumes its withdrawals. The suspension of withdrawals lasted for more than a month following the arrest of Mingxing “Star” Xu, one of OKEx private key holders. The exchange’s users demanded transparency and were left in the dark during this time. Despite assurance from OKEx regarding the safety of their funds, customers grew furious and have taken to Twitter their growing frustrations

The update on the reopening of withdrawals in their Twitter account received mixed reactions from its customers.

One user tweeted that she will stay to see how much she will get as compensation.

positive reply from okex user on twitter


Another user said that his trust remains with OKEx.

OKEx user tweet on still trusting the exchange


Some have expressed skepticism with the exchange.

OKEx customer expressed skepticism on a tweet


But another user already hinted at moving to Huobi, a rival crypto exchange. 

OKEx user hinting at moving to huobi

But things can change and human emotions are no exemption. The effect of OKEx halted withdrawals will likely manifest in the coming days. It may be possible to stop the massive exodus of its customers using a good marketing strategy. And this may come up in the form of rewards. With the generous rewards that the exchange is now offering to its customers, there’s a possibility that they may opt to stay. But that remains to be seen. For now, let’s just all be thankful that OKEx withdrawals are finally up and running.