More and more creators, artists, and brands are getting into NFTs. The FOMO among collectors is real and can cause anxiety thinking you could miss out on the next Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunk collection. If 2021 was the year NFTs hit mainstream adoption, then 2022 is shaping up to be the year where we see NFTs level up in functionality.

NFTs are evolving from just fun profile pictures into areas like play-to-earn gaming, metaverse, community-owned branding, and web3. An upcoming NFT drop called “Bankers” is one collection attempting to take these digital assets to the next level. On January 31st, will be releasing a limited number of NFTs called “Bankers” with built-in utility.

What is the Bankers NFT collection?

The Bankers collection was created by Pudgy Penguins artist, Antoine Mingo. For those not familiar, Pudgy Penguins is a successful NFT collection that has seen almost 48,000 ETH (150,000,000 USD) of trade volume on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

But these Bankers are more than just jpegs–they also give holders free access to Unbanked’s upcoming lending and borrowing protocol, and 20% more return on yields through the Unbanked Yield program. For example, a 15% yield generated on $20,000 in stablecoins would be $4,200, but simply owning a Banker would increase that to $5,040. You can reference this table to see how rates could improve with higher dollar amounts.

**Rates are variable based on market conditions and fluctuations


While earlier iterations of Web2 were geared to reading news and social media, Web3 is about having ownership and getting rewards. This evolution of the internet is going hand-in-hand with increased interest in the metaverse, empowering consumers to own a piece of their community–and the general public are taking notice.  Consider that no one had heard about Bored Ape Yacht Club before 2021 and now it’s working with major brands like Adidas.

The Bankers collection will follow the same process: When an individual purchases a Banker, the IP transfers over with any rights or licensing of the intellectual property to the new Banker owner. This allows that asset holder to monetize its ownership of the Banker however they want.

The Bankers collection checks a lot of boxes for NFT collectors:

1) Antoine Mingo is a well-known artist who created Pudgy Penguins and now Bankers
2) Earn 20% more yield, which can translate to high returns based on your invested dollar amount
3) Own your IP and monetize the rights to your Banker as you see fit
4) Limited supply of 10,000 or less because unsold Bankers are destroyed
5) Free NFT lending and borrowing
6) Created and backed by a transparent and well-known team

Overall, the Bankers NFT will be a must-have for metaverse collectors. By combining a well-known artist, with digital scarcity, utility, and community, this drop is poised to be a must-watch for many in the NFT community. Time will tell how this all plays out, but if you’re looking for the next “big thing” in NFTs, then watch the Bankers NFT drop on Monday, January 31st, at 5 PM UTC.