The Gutter Cat Gang is the latest NFT avatar project to gain traction, and its most recent sale has sparked a lot of interest. Gutter Passes, a form of “buy now, pay later” coupon for a forthcoming NFT series, are now the second most traded NFT.

The first species of Gutter – Gutter Cats – came in first, followed by Gutter Rats, and then Gutter Elephants. Since its implementation 20 hours ago, the initiative has completed a total volume of 4002 ETH (ethereum), according to Nansen.

The two hail from a cats-ruled post-apocalyptic civilization. The description of the project on OpenSea is like this: The narrator says, “It’s 2050.” Human beings are an interplanetary species that mainly has abandoned the post-apocalyptic wreckage of the earth. There has exposed the cat population. In a criminal, nondescript section of the city lives a cats gang known as Gutter Cates.”

Only 3,000 Gutter Cats were released in June, and they were all sold out in about 10 minutes. The minimum price of a Gutter Cat is now 5 ETH (ethereum) or $19,737  – and it’s being traded on the Bitcointalk platform. Gutter cats are an avatar project similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and The CryptoPunks, but outside of the boundaries of the event.

Next was the Gutter Rats. The description is as follows: “The Gutter Rats live deep below in the heart of the autonomous zone, surviving the crumbs of wealthy lifestyles above. The clever rats are waiting to topple the Gutter Cat’s monarchy since they have no satisfaction with their subordinate position in the Gutter.” The rates have a floor price of 1.55 ETH (ethereum) or $6,118.

The sale of Gutter Cat species is an investment in a fully formed creature, while the sale of  Gutter Species is a purchase of what has not yet been created. “I assume it is a team tactic to guess what the two species are so that they can choose the best manner for everyone to admire,” says Gutter Burrito, one of the members of the Gutter cat gang.

Some are already wondering whether the most nefarious features of the 2017 ICO mania that investors were convinced to purchase products that had not yet been built include this type of product. Others don’t care because many people were very wealthy due to the 2017 ICO boom. Keep innovating and building with your community!

What’s interesting about the current crop of NFT avatars is how, similar to ICOs, they swiftly converged on similar business concepts. It is a rare exclusive mint for NFT avatar projects, a sibling project, and derivative projects for everyone who is missing. Entrepreneurs’ ability to establish a meaningful community around their NFTs is also becoming increasingly apparent: one that is profitable enough not only to turn heads but also draws members who aren’t just wanting to flip the next big viral concept. Is Gang Gutter capable of removing it, or will the rats remain in the gutter?