During a phone interview, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio said he will cut connections with the cryptocurrency business and sell his current company Decentral to start out a humanitarian foundation next year.

Along with a report published today in Bloomberg, Anthony Di Iorio, one amongst Ethereum’s eight co-founders, plans to sell his software development firm, Decentral, and migrate far from non-crypto ventures. He explained:

“I’m a crypto guy who doesn’t want to be referred to as a crypto guy. I want to be known for my problem-solving abilities.” 

Concerns about his personal safety played a “significant role” in his decision, he added.

Di Iorio, a talented marketer and early Bitcoin adopter who helped spark the creation of Ethereum in 2014, hinted that his departure was partly motivated by concerns about cryptocurrency’s “risk profile.” He further stated:

 “I’m undecided I feel uncomfortable during this place. I suppose I’d be safer if I targeting bigger issues.”

Since 2017, he has been accompanied or met wherever he goes by a security team. Within the next weeks, he plans to sell Decentral Inc. and specialize in philanthropy and other non-crypto endeavors. Within the future, the Canadian expects to disassociate with other companies he’s employed with. Also, he has no plans to take a position in the other blockchain projects.

Di Iorio launched Decentral in 2014 as an “innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies.” It’s like a smaller, Canadian version of ConsenSys, the Ethereum software development business founded by another Ethereum pioneer, Joseph Lubin. (ConsenSys funds a Decrypt that’s editorially independent.) The Jaxx is Decentral’s preferred product. Decentral may be a Toronto-based decentralized technology innovation cluster and software development enterprise. Jaxx, a digital asset wallet with over 1 million users, was created by it.

In 2018, he made headlines by purchasing Canada’s largest and costliest condo, which he partially purchased with digital currency. Di Iorio paid CUS$28 million (US$22 million) for a three-story penthouse at the St. Regis Residences Toronto, which is found within the downtown business and was previously called the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

In recent years, Di Iorio has dabbled in capital and startup consulting. He was also the Toronto Stock Exchange’s chief digital officer for a period. Forbes assessed his net worth to be as high as $1 billion in February 2018. Since then, the worth of ETH (Ethereum) has over doubled. His started startup is now valued at “hundreds of millions.”

He expects to sell the corporate for fiat, or equity in another company – not crypto – and desires to diversify his interests. The corporate is functioning on a zero-emission vehicle project.

“I’ll use crypto when it’s necessary, but that’s not always the case,” he stated. “It’s only a fraction of what the planet requires.”