The fight for first place has begun in the realm of blockchain-based games.

Steam, a popular gaming platform, has banned blockchain-based apps, but Epic Games, a competitor and video game producer, has stated that they would welcome them. In the world of blockchain-based gaming, the race to the top has begun, with numerous rival platforms offering their own versions of virtual money.

Epic Games, a video game developer, and publisher, has declared that games made using the technology will be able to benefit from the benefits of the cryptocurrencies transactions on the Bitcoin network. Epic Games, has announced the acceptance of blockchain-based games. The news follows Steam’s announcement yesterday that “blockchain-based applications that issue or allow the sale of cryptocurrencies or NFTs” will be banned.

Tim Sweeney, the company’s CEO and inventor stated on Twitter yesterday that the Epic Games Store will be “available to games that utilize bitcoin or blockchain-based assets.” According to him, such games would have to follow applicable laws, disclose their rules, and be age-rated by a reputable organization.

The popular video game Fortnite, which employs V-Bucks as its in-game currency, is created by Epic Games. CEO Tim Sweeney said in 2019 that the privacy coin Monero had been “inadvertently” included in the retail store’s list of permissible payments, but that it had since been withdrawn. According to The Verge, Epic would also like to work with “early developers” in the world of NFTs.

Steam is the most widely used digital game distribution network in the world, allowing users to buy and submit games. Valve hasn’t explained why blockchain-based games aren’t allowed.

Steam’s initiatives, according to Amy Wu, a partner at venture capital company Lightspeed, were anticipated. She added, “All of the ecosystem’s value is shared across Web2 centralized platforms.” “Blockchain gets around this by providing value to its creators and users.”

One of the first to object to Valve was Age of Rust, a cryptocurrency game that was just banned from Steam. The developer’s account tweeted, “I honestly believe that NFTs and blockchain games are the way of the future.” 

The corporation is attempting to position itself as a leader in the blockchain and crypto gaming sector, which could one day lead to an end to the need for centralized, legacy gaming platforms in a digital-ledged world.