Craig Wright copyright claims threaten two sites

Earlier this week, Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, threatened legal action against the owners of different sites hosting the Bitcoin white paper. According to Wright, the owners of the websites have stolen his whitepaper and other intellectual property.

The two websites, and, had received allegations of copyright infringement letters from Craig Wright’s lawyers. In the letter, the lawyers claim that Wright is the legal copyright holder of the Bitcoin whitepaper, which means he owns the Bitcoin name and trademark. Wright asked the owners of the two sites to take down their sites.

Some of the websites have refused to the claims by Wrights, stating:

“We believe these claims are without merit and refuse to do so.”

However, other sites like has already taken down the whitepaper in less than two hours. The site has since added a link to the Github modification. While commenting to Bitcoin Core surrender, owner, also dubbed as Cobra, explained:

“By surrendering in this way, the Bitcoin Core project has lent ammunition to Bitcoin’s enemies, engaged in self-censorship, and compromised its integrity.” Cobra added,” This surrender will no doubt be weaponized to make new false claims, like that the Bitcoin Core developers’ know’ CSW to be Satoshi Nakamoto, and this is why they acted in this way.”

Crypto trader loses $451,000 to robbers

Crypto trader loses $451,000 to robbers

Another crypto robbery led to the loss of $451,000 in Hong Kong.

According to reports, a female crypto trader was robbed by an individual who lured her with trade promises. The incident took place in the Ricky Centre located on Chong Yip Street in Kwun Tong.

The unidentified woman went to the location to meet with a man who posed as a crypto buyer. However, the woman was forced at knifepoint to transfer her funds.

According to the authorities’ investigations, the woman was paid HK$3.5 million in cash after using her iPhone to complete an online transaction and sell him USDT tokens. However, as soon as she made the transfer, three people arrived at the scene and snatched the woman’s money and iPhone. 

The assailants then locked the woman in the office. Notably, they did not cause any physical harm to her.

Reportedly, the robbers had previously made trades with the woman to gain her trust.

Signature Bank records over $10 Billion in crypto deposits

Signature Bank records over $10 Billion in crypto deposits

The bank recently revealed that the deposits from crypto customers now total up to $10 billion. This is about 16% of the total deposits at their New York branch as per the records. While commenting on the growth, Eric Howell, the company’s executive vice president of corporate and business development, said:

“We’ve become the preeminent player in that space. It’s obvious that digital assets and cryptocurrencies are not going away.”

According to Joseph DePaolo, Signature Bank CEO, most of the deposits have been driven by their blockchain platform, Signet.

Notably, recent reports show that Signature added $2.5 billion in non-interest-bearing deposits in the fourth quarter of 2020. This was half a billion shy of Silvergate’s $2.9 billion in new deposits from digital currency customers in Q4.

Man lost 7002 Bitcoins after forgetting his password in his IronKey hard drive
Man lost 7002 Bitcoins after forgetting his password in his IronKey hard drive

Stefan Thomas, a German programmer, stands to lose about $220 million worth of Bitcoin. According to Thomas, he now has two more chances to guess the password of his encrypted IronKey hard drive before it permanently locks away his 7,002 bitcoin.

Thomas received the 7002 bitcoins as payment for a video he made about the early cryptocurrency. At the time, he wrote down the password to the hard drive but lost it. The IronKey gives users ten password guesses before it encrypts its contents permanently.

While talking to reporters, Thomas said:

“I tried everything. I would just lay in bed and think about it,” Mr. Thomas said. “Then I would go to the computer with some new strategy, and it wouldn’t work, and I would be desperate again.”

Now Thomas has been forced to store his IronKey drive in an undisclosed secure facility hoping that one day he will be able to retrieve it and gain access to his BTC (Bitcoin). He added:

“I got to a point where I said to myself, ‘Let it be in the past, just for your mental health.”