Blockchain and its technologies have become popular cultures in day today’s lives. Crypto and blockchain topics have also found their way into the television industry. Many TV series and movies generally explain the benefits of crypto and how the world would be if everyone adopts crypto. Some of the movies have helped viewers understand the struggles that they are likely to face as new investors or users in the industry. Here are a few movies and series to watch out for:

· Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

Created by Torsten Hoffman, this is a one-hour long movie on cryptocurrency that was created in 2014. The movie becomes a must-watch for beginners who seeks to get into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The movie gives in-depth information about how BTC (bitcoin) and other cryptocurrencies came into existence.

· Banking on Bitcoin

This is a documentary that focuses on BTC (Bitcoin) and its benefits. The documentary used early innovations in the financial space to outline the resistances and struggles faced before worldwide adoption. The documentary tries to give the genesis of bitcoin and its journey as a payment asset.

· Life on Bitcoin

‘Life on Bitcoin’ is a crypto movie in which a couple, Austin and Becky, tries to see if they can use only cryptocurrencies for three months. The two decide to forego all other payment means such as bank accounts, cash, cheques, and credit cards and turn to crypto for their day to day payments. The movie gives an impressive view of how the world could be when people ultimately turn to crypto for daily use.

· Crypto

This is an American crime drama thriller film that was launched in 2019. The movie features money laundering involving cryptocurrencies comedic drama follows five young filmmakers as they try to discover how blockchain can help finance their film and TV project. The movie showcases how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world.

· South Korean crypto TV Drama series

South Korea is set to launch a TV series with crypto and blockchain-related topics. The series titled “Pumping Time” is directed by Gemstone Film in partnership with films in the United States and China.

According to reports, the new TV series is set for ten seasons with 20 episodes each. Each episode is estimated to be about 30 minutes long. While the producers have not given full details on the TV series, they have hinted that the serial drama will feature crypto-related frauds, blockchain technologies, and central bank digital currencies.

So far, Choi Wan-kyu, a well-known drama writer in South Korea, will be leading the creative aspect of the drama series. As per Financial News reports, many top stars from China, South Korea, and the US already in talks to work with the production.

The Gemstone Film reportedly allocated an ambitious budget of $2.7 million per episode.