Each tungsten cube NFT is anticipated to be backed by a genuine tungsten cube. Tungsten cubes aren’t just a crypto joke anymore. They’re widely known NFTs. Tungsten, the hard metal used for light bulb filaments and paperweights, drove tungsten suppliers to sell out as Bitcoin prices soared. As Bitcoiners awaited the launch of Bitcoin futures ETFs, conversation among Bitcoiners focused on the price of the metal.

Genuine tungsten is no longer scarce, and tungsten NFTs are flying off the shelves. The sale of moving digital images of the cube brought in 484 SOL (Solana) or $96,000 at that time for Coin Center. The think tank will receive royalties from Tungsten Cube NFT’s first trading day, according to the company. According to Neeraj Agrawal, the crypto research institute’s head of communications, the donation has been received. “Now I have to explain how we turned tungsten cubes into a crypto meme, and how a massively traded NFT backed by tungsten cubes appeared out of nowhere,” he remarked. “It will be difficult to comprehend for anyone who isn’t paying attention.”

After Coin Metrics’ Nic Carter expressed his delight at spotting the tungsten cubes, they became a meme. Yes, it’s considerable, says every review. “The consumer says it ‘does exactly what it says on the package,’” Carter said of the cubes. As a result of this observation, other crypto luminaries purchased the item from Amazon, prompting Midwest Tungsten to sell out within hours. The joke became a meme when more crypto enthusiasts laughed about the cubes’ utility, and then actual NFT representations appeared shortly after. In the days that followed, Tungsten participated in the joke by allowing Bitcoin sales. BTC (Bitcoin) has accounted for 20% of all tungsten cube purchases since October 19, when it was made a payment option.

Furthermore, Midwest Tungsten developed its own NFT, which is supported by a physical cube. If the NFT is destroyed, the winning bidder will receive the digital asset as well as “one visit to see, photograph, and touch the cube each calendar year.” If the NFT is destroyed, Midwest Tungsten will mail the real cube to the owner. 5 WETH (Wrapped ETH) or about $20,000 is the current high bid.

Tungsten Cube NFT is attempting to profit from the non-trading currency trend. All royalties on secondary resales of NFTs would be remitted to the corporation, according to the corporation. It isn’t a supplier, but it guarantees that the NFTs will be swapped for genuine cubes by November 1st (with free shipping in the US). 399 one-inch cubes, 80 two-inch cubes, twenty four-inches, and one enormous seven-inch cube were up for auction at Solana’s Magic Eden marketplace and FTX exchange. “We like tungsten,” says the company’s website. “It’s a fantastic metal to work with. Using Tungsten cubes to promote crypto policy initiatives makes sense.”