The fest is scheduled for May 2021, and it will take place in Cyprus which is the European financial and IT hub. It will gather experts from across the globe the new trends in the crypto industry. The event will happen for two days at Parklane Hotel, which welcomes 1,000 on location visitors and more than 10,000 other users who will be able to join through online streaming services. It will enable them to network, share experiences, build connections, delve deeply into the blockchain, and artificial intelligence innovations.

The forum aims to be the biggest and the most important event to take place in crypto trading. Blockchain, payment systems, Defi, mining, and crypto exchange are some of the long list topics, which will be looked at in the workshop and conferences. The blockchain fest will bring together great individuals and leaders in different sectors from across the globe and those willing to get started in the field. Professional development and business are key focus areas that are purposely built, particularly for this event.

The fest’s venue is deliberate and not a coincidence, noting that Cyprus is known for taking the lead in the crypto market. IT centers keep developing and expanding daily. They also keep increasing the pace to attract even international companies to base their operations and offices there. It feels like after ideal traveling to meet people from different nationalities at the place, so irrespective of your goal. It feels more of a friendly and homely environment.

If you want to purchase a ticket, you can do it through the website or the official partners. You can also keep yourself informed on social media platforms.

The blockchain fest is usually organized by FINEXPO, the lead producer of trading and financial events, in the world since 2002. It has a long list of its projects where you can access trades fair, financial expo, the crypto expo, trader awards, money fair, investor expo, millionaire bazaar, and trading expo. With over 100,000 traders, financial advisors, investors, and more than 3,000 brokers from the options, stocks, forward markets, crypto, and financial companies connected through FINEXPO. The positive response received from the participants is a significant indicator of how successful and effective the work done by the organization can be.

Why Is the Blockchain Fest Important?

The blockchain fest is a vital forum and one of the most significant in the crypto industry. The event draws together global professionals and leaders in the discussions of the hottest talks in the crypto world. Further, the event allows meeting and interacting with people who can share business ideas and incentives.

Also, it is an opportunity for high-level networking. It is a global fest and an opportunity for business development to attend and get to see some of the most-huge exhibitions as you meet experts in different fields, including artificial intelligence and the blockchain. Networking has a vital role in success in every venture. A strong and expansive network will give you some insight trends and useful insider information for new upcoming opportunities and the crypto world. It also allows establishing working relations with experts who will help hone your ventures’ skills.

The event also boasts excellent support to international events, which significantly impacts most companies in the financial sector. It is an opportunity to meet government representatives, top professionals, and it allows the signing of contracts to find new ventures globally, which are influenced by the development of financial technologies.

It also opens up opportunities for jobs, collaboration in carrying out research and participating in the discussion pertaining to the challenges in the crypto world, and how to handle them. It is an opportunity for investors to take their career and reputation to the next level and also help in the creation of wealth potential opportunities.