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The Crypto Collective Roadmap

Our roadmap summarizes our ambitions for the community, including the development we intend to do, and to share the story of the progress we make and the partnerships we form.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

The Crypto Collective roadmap summarizes the ambitions we have for the community. We outline the development we intend to do and share a sequential story of the progress we make and the partnerships we form. Some of these things happen in parallel to one another while others require research, prototyping, and development.

The work of each era is gathered and presented on its dedicated page, representing months of effort. Here you will find an overview of the goals within a quarter, as well as descriptions of the core functional products,, status updates, and links to 3rd party resources.

Launch (March 2023)

Launch Crypto Collective Website under domain

Build Partnerships (March 2023)

Sign partnership launch on and off ramps including debit cards and bank accounts for buying crypto and spending it.

Advisory Team (Ongoing)

Build Advisory team to help support strategic initiatives. (Ongoing)

Build Account Dashboard (April 2023)

Build consumer facing dashboard for CRCO users to get a bank account and debit card for managing all of their transactions. (April 2023)

CRCO Release (April 2023)

CRCO Release. Fair Launch with no presale (April 2023)

Integrate CRCO Into Dashboard (June 2023)

Integrate CRCO into the Crypto Collective dashboard giving CRCO an easy onramp via bank account and offramp via debit card (June 2023)

Airdrop Crypto Collective NFT (July 2023)

Airdrop Crypto Collective NFT tied to the debit card for qualified wallets.

Release Debit Cards Rewards (August 2023)

Release debit cards rewards program giving card holders access to crypto-back rewards paid
in CRCO. (August 2023)

Form Crypto Collective DAO (July 2023)

Form Crypto Collective DAO for ongoing management and development of CRCO (July 2023)

Fork Solidly DEX (October-November 2023)

Fork Solidly DEX giving the Crypto Collective community access to large liquidity and providing additional demand for CRCO (October-November 2023)

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