The cryptocurrency and blockchain have brought a big shift in the investment trends in the market. Despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies, there is an increase in the number of people adopting it. Contrary to popular belief, the crypto market is not bullish in any way. DeFi assets are appreciating every day, especially from the spike of COVID-19. At the onset of the pandemic, the market shook for a short time, making the price of assets go down before increasing again.

Currently, if you are strategic, you will drink the milk of the land. Some of the DeFi investments/NFT worth checking out include:

Yearn. Finance (YFI)

This occupies the top seat of DeFi’s that is worth checking out. It is a platform that can help to optimize yield and maximize DeFi profit. It depends on strategies created by the team and users to optimize the profit. From when the platform was formed, it has increased steadily from a value of $100 to up to highs of $40,000. Currently, it is trading at $17,000.

Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin was launched in an ICO mania in 2017 and has grown steadily to be a principal and time test NFT project. Enjin has not grown overnight; it has moved from $0.03 in 2017 to $0.25 in 2020. Currently, it has balanced at $0.15 and is stable. Since the project offers a great NFT solution, it is set for a brighter future.

Akropolis (AKRO)

The Akropolis protocol is a simple suite that ensures that DeFi products are borderless, secure, and portable for easy financial operations and decision making. Through the protocol, you can access financial services of insurable savings and get access to credit at flexible terms. Like other platforms, it has experienced a change in prices. It moved from $0.001 to 0.045 and down again to $0.009. However, it still has a big potential because of the value it is bringing to the table.

Meme (MEME)

This is unique in DeFi as it cooperates with both DeFi and NFT. The project involves minting collectible cards through a secondary token called Pineapples, which is worth half a million dollars in an airdrop. Meme once had an all-time high of $1900 though currently is trading at $200, with a market cap of 28,000.

Bancor (BNT)

Although it has experienced so much volatility this year, it remains one of the best projects to check out. It had a value of $0.28 as of March, it rose to $2.5 in August and dropped down to below $1. Currently, it is valued at $0.75

According to one of the DeFi protocol designers, Richard Burton, Ethereum is one of the best innovations in the crypto industry. Thus investments built on Ethereum are more likely to have the best returns with time. Ethereum cannot be ignored due to DApps and scalable blockchain. Although it is still unpopular to invest in DApps, investing in it will give some of the best returns. It is just about time people will switch their concentration from investing in blockchain to invest in DApps.

NFT vs. DeFi

DeFi has been in the market way before NFT, but it seems like NFT may overtake DeFis. NFTs are perceived to be the future of blockchain since they help maintain digital assets and expansion of blockchain to exchange. NFTs use smart contracts – ERC721. NFT has been widely adopted in gaming, and we all know how gaming is big currently.

We cannot do away with both DeFi and NFT as they help in staking and yield farming, ensuring optimization of profits.