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Dash, a privacy coin that once boosts its privacy features now claims that it’s no different from BTC (Bitcoin).

Dash on privacy features

The privacy coin was among the three altcoins listed by Bittrex for removal in its platform effective on January 15. XMR (Monero) and ZEC (Zcash) were the two other altcoins due for delisting from the major crypto exchange.

In response to Bittrex announcement, Dash stated that they have reached out to Bittrex and requested a meeting to discuss the delisting with the compliance team.

Dash statement on delisting from Bittrex

On August 8, 2019, in a blog written by Ryan Taylor, he stated that Dash has been a topic of regulator concerns. 

“To address these concerns, Dash Core Group has supported exchanges in their interactions with regulators. Through a process of education, we have been effective in explaining the technology and convincing regulators that accepting Dash poses no incremental risk compared to Bitcoin. The required processes and compliance tools for Dash are identical to those required to support Bitcoin.”

In a recent tweet, Taylor stated that Dash’s PrivateSend feature is simply a branded implementation of non-custodial CoinJoin.

Ryan Taylor tweet on Dash

On Jan. 1, Dash announced the release of Dash Platform v0.17 & DashPay on Testnet. The testnet is five times larger than Evonet, which provides a better opportunity to test the platform at scale. According to the head of product at Dash, Dana Alibrandi:

“This is the biggest deployment of Dash Platform, and consequently, this release marks the most significant milestone in the realization of Dash’s long term vision for mainstream adoption.”

With the recent upgrade that comes with a new product, is it safe to say that Dash is not going to bid the crypto industry goodbye any sooner? Will this stop crypto exchanges from delisting the privacy coin along with other altcoins in the future? 

As of writing, Dash price is down by 3.6% from its previous price yesterday at $90.28. The altcoin is currently at $86.46 in recent data by







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