$ 0.000005
0.00000000 BTC
$ 54,879
Volume (24h)
$ 3,006
Circulating Supply
10,300,000,000 COU
Total Supply
31,000,000,000 COU Exclusive: $10 Bonus when depositing $100 on BlockCard!  Earn an unlimited 6.38% crypto back on every merchant Exclusive: $10 Bonus when depositing $100 on BlockCard!  Earn an unlimited 6.38% crypto back on every merchant purchase. Learn More 👉

What is Couchain?

Couchain is a Blockchain 4.0 innovation that comes with a concept of expanded data storage and computing boundaries, optimized decentralization methodologies, reliability, and auditability.

What are Couchain Frequenty Asked Questions?

Where does Couchain (COU) rank among in terms of popularity? How relevant is it compared to competitors?
In terms of popularity, Couchain currently ranks in position 2373 out of the thousands of cryptocurrencies. It is also important to consider Couchain‘s market cap – in general, the higher the market cap of a cryptocurrency, the more dominant it is considered to be in the market. Couchain has a market cap of $ 54,879, which compares to Bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency by several metrics) with a market cap of $ 1,205,083,483,527, Litecoin at $ 18,522,677,397, Ethereum at $ 275,236,105,849, Tether at $ 45,993,986,769, and XRP at $ 88,331,820,609.

What is the price of Couchain (COU) today (updated in realtime)?
The current price of Couchain is $ 0.000005 in USD. (The price in Euros is 0,000004 ; and the price in Bitcoin is Ƀ 0.00000000 BTC.)

What is Couchain‘s (COU) market supply?
The total available supply of Couchain is 10,300,000,000 COU. The total supply of Couchain is 31,000,000,000 COU.

What is the 24 hour volume for Couchain (COU)?
The 24 hour volume for Couchain is $ 3,006.

How has Couchain (COU) performed recently?
Couchain‘s price has increased in the last 24 hours by 31.59%. This compares with a seven day change of -20.57%. The trading volume over the last 24 hours was $ 3,006. Trading volume indicates how many units of a currency are being bought and sold on specific exchanges. High trading volumes are likely to drive more on-chain activity, for example when people deposit and withdraw funds. It can be a good indicator of the general interest in the cryptocurrency.

What is Couchain (COU) official website?
Links to Couchain‘s official website, social accounts, blockchain explorer, and Github repository if applicable.

Has Couchain (COU) performed well historically?
Here is a chart showing how Couchain has performed historically.

* Currency in USD
Historical Price for Couchain

Where Can I Buy Couchain (COU)?
Here is a breakdown of the current market prices from top cryptocurrency exchanges.

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