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CRCO Is Blending DeFi & CeFi To Open Crypto To All

CRCO aims to increase adoption of Web3 through education and by blending DeFi and CeFi products through CRCO to incentivize millions of users to learn and use digital currencies in their daily lives.

Crypto Collective solves the problem of utility of cryptocurrencies and incentivizes users financially and plans to introduce rewards to help incentivize continued behavior, adoption, and repeated use. Layering in DeFi features like capital-efficient exchanges, CRCO holders will benefit from a blockchain-based protocol and learn the essence of tools Uniswap and Curve, wrapping into a clever 3,3-inspired incentive layer.

CRCO Market Data

CRCO cryptocurrency key statistics:
Max Supply: 50 million
Price: $1.00
Marketcap - $50,000,000

Liquidity Ramp

500,000 - 80% discount (12 month lock)
1,000,000 - 60% discount (12 month lock)
1,500,000 - 30% discount (12 month lock)
2,000,000 - 15% discount (12 month lock)
45,000,000 - 0% discount and no lock


1% - Airdrop (signup for an account and deposit $10) (12mo lock)
1% - Airdrop (selected wallets of 3rd party communities) (12mo lock)
3% - Advisors
10% - Exchange listing fees
35% - Liquidity Pools (25% Liquidity, 10% Rewards requiring 6mo lockup)
50% - DAO Treasury (25% Operations development team, 25% Product Marketing)

Ready to get started?

Within minutes — you can register for an account, pass KYC, fund your account, buy and make purchases where major credit cards are accepted.

It’s here! CRCO available at limited quantities. 🚨 Click here to learn more!
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