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Crypto Collective Card

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No Unnecessary Fees
Crypto.Co’s Card gives you the flexibility you need, cutting down on crypto deposit, transaction, and exchange fees.

Virtual and Physical Cards
The card comes in virtual and physical form to use where major credit cards are accepted. This includes transactions in credit, debit, or ATMs around the world.

Stay In Crypto Until You Swipe
Stay in crypto and in control of your money until the point of sale. The card keeps your spending power in crypto to give you exposure to any price fluctuation of the underlying asset.

Open an account, get your card, and earn rewards!

Crypto Collective provides a crypto-friendly card experience that empowers you to easily convert from cryptocurrencies into fiat for easy use and spending and earn rewards! Choose an amount to stake, and when you spend with your card you receive crypto rewards up to 6% – it’s that easy.


3,000 CRCO


5,750 CRCO


8,200 CRCO


10,500 CRCO


12,000 CRCO


14,500 CRCO

Our customers are important to us and giving them the best rewards in the industry is the right thing to do! Compound your rewards for even more savings!

Eligible Cardholders Can Customize Their Crypto Collective Debit Card With An Nft Avatar They Own

To qualify for a free Crypto Collective mint pass you must be holding a minimum of 2,000 CRCO. A snapshot will be taken of your wallet balance at a random time.

Your Crypto Collective NFT will be connected directly to your debit card. The debit card’s functionality will be tied uniquely to the NFT avatar the card holder owns through wallet verification. Selling the NFT makes your debit card lose functionality, however you will you be able to get a standard crypto collective debit card at any time.

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Within minutes — you can register for an account, pass KYC, fund your account, buy and make purchases where major credit cards are accepted.

It’s here! CRCO available at limited quantities. 🚨 Click here to learn more!
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