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A crypto launchpad also referred to as a crypto incubator is a platform that helps startups projects specifically for raising funds and for these projects to gain traction. These platforms also offer other services which include mentorship, marketing, and technical support. Crypto projects have to pass the selection process before receiving support from these platforms. The criteria for the selection would usually include the team’s experience, the project’s feasibility, and the size of the potential market. If selected, launchpads would typically invest in the project to further their support. Leading launchpad platforms are sought after by startups for their support and influence in the market which is very essential to guarantee their success.


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) used to be very popular when launching a new crypto project. But due to an intensive crackdown by regulatory bodies, which led to its death. From its massive popularity, ICOs were now just a thing of the past. Today, ICOs were replaced with initial dex offerings (IDOs) hence most crypto projects were launched using this method. ICOs are conducted through centralized platforms which involve intermediaries. Tokens are sold before listing and could be vulnerable to scams and rug pulls.IDOs on the other hand are performed via decentralized exchanges where tokens are immediately listed where they are launched. This makes the token immediately tradeable and can be immediately monetized once trading starts. IDO launchpads share a chunk of the total revenue generated by the project as compensation for their services and vesting their money.  Let’s now begin our roundup of the leading IDO launchpad platforms for startup projects. 



Binance launchpad platform

The world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. Its good reputation boosts investors’ confidence in the platform and is very ideal for an IDO. The platform has already raised a total of $ 95,575,668 with more than 3.5 billion unique users. It has launched 64 projects to date. 

Binance also ensures that all raised funds are free from attacks maneuvered by bad actors in the crypto space. The high level of trust by investors in the platform guarantees high liquidity for any project and guaranteed exposure to the exchange’s almost 30 million users. A good number of successful projects were launched on the launchpad like StepN, one of the leading move-to-earn platforms today. It is expected to attract more crypto startup projects to its fold given its good reputation and reliable resources which is very vital for a project’s success.



unicrypt launchpad platform

Launched in 2021, it is a decentralized platform that allows users to launch a crypto project in a decentralized manner. Unlike other launchpad platforms like Binance, Swap, and Unilayer where startup projects have to need to apply and wait for approval, Unicrypt enables legitimate projects to run efficiently and swiftly. Currently, the launchpad supports five blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, BSc, xDai, and Polygon. 


But despite being decentralized, the platform runs a safety net to protect investors from any possible fraud or scam.  Malicious tokens or contracts found after the audit will be posted in the presale. These tokens will be immediately flagged to alert all users on the platform. New projects are also required to lock up at least 30% of the liquidity pool on Uniswap. Withdrawal by project developers will only be enabled once pairs have been initialized and liquidity locked. In cases that the project presale fails, all investors are guaranteed a full refund of the amount they contributed. 



Unilayer launchpad platform

Launched in 2020, it is designed to provide stability to IDOs and aims to protect investors and project developers. All requirements are predetermined using a smart contract hence eliminating intermediaries. These include the minting of tokens, locking up the liquidity pool on Uniswap for a minimum of six months, and locking and vesting the project developer’s tokens.


The launchpad also allows its users to earn ETH (ethereum) from all the projects launched on the platform by staking their LAYER (Unilayer) tokens. Holders of the platform’s token will also be given priority to participants in all projects undertaken on the platform. But they should hold a minimum of 7500 LAYER  to be eligible. On top of that, they also get a chance to receive tokens for free in the form of airdrop in case projects for launch opt to do so. 



Launchpool launchpad platform

It boasts itself as an egalitarian platform that gives equal opportunities to all users. This means from retail investors to whales, funds, projects, marketers, and stakeholders have an equal footing when investing in upcoming projects on the platform. 


Launchpool aims to leverage communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts, and capital to give new crypto projects the best possible experience. It also aims to maximize projects’ chances for success despite stiff competition from a dynamic crypto space. The platform supports numerous blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche.



Solster launchpad platform

Built on the Solana network, the decentralized platform is your gateway to diversify your DeFi portfolio & gain access to the best crypto projects. Solster has already raised a total of 1.7 million and has launched 21 crypto projects to date. It utilizes the Solana network for staking, liquidity pools, lotteries, and swap and vesting contracts. 


To be able to participate and be whitelisted, users need to stake STR tokens until the IDO sales period concludes. With other platforms, a first come first serve basis is implemented but with Solster, all participants will receive an allocation. The platform implements a trilogy system of fund allocation for all participants. Solster alone can pledge up to $100K for projects launched on its platform.



Gamestarter launchpad platform


A crowdfunding platform dedicated to the gaming industry, one of the biggest industries in the world today. It allows new game developers to sell their in-game assets in the form of NFTs. On top of that, it will also offer an effective marketing platform to developers by promoting their games in its community. 


It offers IGO (initial game offering) and INO (initial node offering) as its project funding. It’s a one-stop shop for crypto models which include Metaverse games, play-to-earn, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and a lot more. To date, the platform has launched 11 crypto projects through its IGO and one project through its INO. But the numbers are expected to rise due to the rising popularity of blockchain-based games. 


That concludes our list of leading IDO launchpad platforms for startup projects in the crypto space. Although these platforms have implemented measures to protect investors, it is always a must to do your own diligence before investing in any project launched through these launchpads. Some of the tokens launched with IDO launchpads have skyrocketed to more than 1,000 times their initial prices. But this is not always the case as some have plummeted to 0 in value shortly after launching. The growing number of reported rug pull scams involving crypto startup projects is also something every investor should consider. So, always remember that when investing in crypto, invest what you can only afford to lose.

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