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The difficulty of mining bitcoin has increased by 6% after Chinese miners went offline. Mining has been slowed for two months.

BTC (bitcoin) intricacy reflects how tough it is to extract the cryptocurrency, which has gained 6% in the last two weeks, according to data.

Since the crypto crash in May, this is the first time the market has gained. As a result of the crash, which was accelerated by Chinese anti-Bitcoin mining policies, four sequential difficulty decreases happened.

The amount of computational power required to receive BTC (bitcoin) as a result of network transaction verification is referred to as bitcoin mining complexity. The network decodes complexity every two weeks to depict the rivalry among miners. As more people strive to earn bitcoin, mining becomes more difficult.

The difficulty of bitcoin mining is the amount of computing power needed to validate transactions on the network. Once every two weeks, the network adjusts the difficulty to reflect competition among miners. The more miners competing for BTC (bitcoin), the more difficult it becomes to mine the currency.

Bitcoin’s difficulty rate has been steadily declining since a fortnightly increase in the number of transactions it can handle reached its highest level in mid-May. Difficulty reached a new high in May when the fortnightly adjustment boosted difficulty by 21.53 percent, a new record. Since then, though, Bitcoin’s difficulty rates have been steadily decreasing.

Chinese miners who were responsible for 65 percent of the network’s hash rate have left en masse or sold mining machines to foreign farms. The move follows China’s drive to curb bitcoin mining in the nation, which has led to a drop in the number of miners.

The mining difficulty of Bitcoin has been reduced by 4.81 percent in the following adjustment on July 18. On July 3, BTC (bitcoin) experienced its highest ever difficulty drop, falling by 28%. The mining difficulty was reduced by percent in a second adjustment.

Bitfarms’ chief mining officer, Ben Gagnon, told Decrypt that on-chain data indicated that nearly all of China’s hash rate had gone down. The positive adjustment today suggests that some of those machines have lately re-entered service.

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