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An excellent cryptocurrency hardware wallet is a necessity for most people. With recent cases of hacking surrounding cryptos, having one is simply a must-have. The right hardware provides security for your crypto investment. It also helps users to easily integrate into the crypto space. 

That said – if you are looking for one, you will certainly need the best that there can ever be.

Here, we look at the details for some of the best wallet providers to understand what they offer us. If you want to get one for yourself, this article is for you. Let’s read on and see the 10 most cutting-edge hardware wallets of 2020.


Ngrave hardware wallet

One of the newest kids on the block, a product of one of the leading security research firms globally. It is commonly dubbed as the ”coldest wallet” in the industry since the device won’t just allow you to connect to the internet by any means. Instead of using either Bluetooth or USB, it uses one-way QR code communication to share information with the connected devices while keeping offline. So, it gives you a guarantee, and you won’t have to worry about compromised software. Besides, the device is equipped with a stainless cover that is water-resistant. You can be sure your device is very secure.


  1. Bitbox02 Hardware Wallet
Bitbox-02 hardware wallet

Bitbox-02 hardware wallet

Together with the BitBoxApp, it provides you with all-around security for your digital assets. It has been in existence since 2016 and is used in over 100 countries. It has an easy setup, and you will find it a handy tool especially for beginners. Its app guides you through the setup process, which makes it easy. The app guide offers you all the answers you need while ensuring that your crypto assets remain a priority.


  1. Trezor Hardware Wallet
Trevor hardware wallet

Trevor hardware wallet

Trevor model boasts as the latest model by Satoshi Labs. It was the first company to provide hardware wallets in the world. The model is unique since it bears a touchscreen interface. Besides, you can store various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and dash, among others. Though it is expensive, you will find it useful since it supports all cryptocurrencies.


  1. Ledger Nano X
ledger nano

Ledger Nano hardware wallet

It is a France-based start-up company that appears like a typical USB drive but has a steel shell. You can connect the device to many mobile devices or even personal computers via USB or Bluetooth. The device boasts major upgrades for Bluetooth connectivity and mobile support. It is also the most popular hardware wallet to date due to its ability to support more than 30 cryptocurrencies. The device has continuous updates to newer software. Although rebooting the device takes a considerable amount of time, it will offer you a smooth experience.


  1. Keepkey Hardware Wallet
keepkey hardware wallet

Keepkey hardware wallet

KeepKey is a product of the Shapeshift Company. It is a credible software wallet provider in the crypto space. It has an easy to read digital display. It also gives you the option to exchange outside right outside the hardware. Though useful, the hardware still doesn’t boost huge community support. You can only use it while plugged into the device connected to the internet.


  1. Coldcard
coldcard hardware wallet

Coldcard hardware wallet

It is an open-source wallet you can easily mistake for a mini-calculator at first glance. The hardware wallet is a bitcoin-only custodial solution. It uses microSD backup and offers multiple solutions, including decoy wallets, pins, and lockout timers. Coinkite is one of the most credible companies in the field. It features some of the most secure options for your bitcoin storage.


  1. Opolo Cosmos
Opolo cosmos hardware wallet

Opolo cosmos hardware wallet

The wallet boasts a 3.2-inch screen, and it works like a desktop app. It is a handy wallet working with 110 coins and 200,000 tokens. The wallet also supports 127-character long passwords as well as phrases. It comes with a built-in password manager that enables you to manage all passwords enhancing optimum security.


  1. Safepal S1
safepal hardware wallet

Safepal hardware wallet

It works perfectly well for DeFi traders. The hardware wallet adopts an air-gapped signing mechanism. This ensures the device signs while offline for optimum security. You approve transactions by scanning a short QRcode, a perfect way of dealing with online attacks. It has sensors that can detect any malicious attempt. It automatically triggers a self-destruction mechanism once detected.

The secret mechanism then deletes all the wallet data leaving no traces for the hackers. The device allows you to buy or swap within the SafePal app.


  1. Satochip

Satochip hardware wallet

The first most affordable crypto-card wallet worldwide. It appears like a debit card, but it comes with a reader. The hardware can support several software clients while offering multi-signature security. You won’t need any mobile app. You use software clients such as electron cash instead.


  1. SecuX w20 and v20
secux v20 and w20

Secux V20 and W20 hardware bundle

The hardware uses both mobile and web apps. It has a 600mAh battery, which can last up to 7 hours in use. No need to hook it to a computer. V20 boasts an aluminum shell that protects the hardware against damage. Even though it is not open-source, the device supports a wide variety of tokens. The large screen makes it easy to hold and use the device.

The cryptocurrency ethos is all about sovereign power. Possession and ensuring its safety is all worth it. Even though there are just a few hardware wallets in the market, it could be challenging to find the one that best suits you. This article has given you useful insights that you would need to help save you time and money while experimenting. It is advisable to get a hardware wallet that guarantees maximum security for your digital assets. Most starters begin with an exchange wallet but you will need to secure your assets more by acquiring a hardware wallet.

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