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Digital Currency Adoption through Education & Functionality

Crypto Collective is a community of industry experts and enthusiasts focused on facilitating the mass adoption of digital currencies through education and the introduction of products that use digital currencies like CRCO.

Your crypto needs real world utility — that starts with traditional payment cards. Use crypto anywhere major credit cards are accepted! Stay in USDC or CRCO and convert to fiat at time of purchase.

Fund Your Account

Earn Rewards

Earn CRCO by spending on the card or providing liquidity to the CRCO swap markets. There are endless ways to earn!

Account Balance

Safe And Secure

Safe and secure - 24/7, self-custody safes that are fully compliant based on major web3 auditors.

Easy Conversion

Seamless Transfers

No more delays and surcharges associated with traditional routes - CRCO blockchain for instantaneous value transfer.

Introducing The Crypto Collective Card

We have partnered with a fintech company to offer a Crypto Debit Card, providing simple and easy to understand user interface that enables community members to spend USDC or CRCO. You can access to your card and bank securely at anytime, anywhere in the world.

The dashboard allows you to securely view your balance, get account information, deposit funds, transfer funds, manage your transaction history, and more. You can use your card anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Plus, you can earn crypto rewards in CRCO!

Learn More about the Crypto Collective Card here!

In five minutes, you can open an account and get a card

Crypto Collective provides a crypto-friendly card experience that empowers you to easily convert from cryptocurrencies into fiat for easy use and spending.

Create Your Account
Complete the registration form with your details and then pass KYC in your dashboard.

Fund Your Account
Whether it’s a cryptocurrency transfer, direct cash deposit, or credit card deposit – we have all bases covered. You can make a deposit with crypto or FIAT through our authorized partner.

Your Account Balance
Choose to convert the value of your cryptocurrency into CRCO or USDC. By giving you the choice, you can keep your account balance in the market or rest easy knowing your crypto card’s spending power is going to withstand price fluctuations.

Spend Your Funds
Spend anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Your crypto balance is converted to fiat on the fly and deducted to cover the transaction cost. Earn CRCO every time you spend by participating in our staking program.

Ready to get started?

Within minutes — you can register for an account, pass KYC, fund your account, buy and make purchases where major credit cards are accepted.

Register At No Cost To You
It’s here! CRCO available at limited quantities. 🚨 Click here to learn more!
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